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How Secondhand Shopping Helps To Save The Planet

You’ve seen the shocking headlines: The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. 
The current business model has been shaped by “fast fashion”, which maximizes clothing sales based on low manufacturing costs. This production rate comes a massive amount of waste, pollution and environmental destruction that can’t be sustained.
In recent years, the concept of the circular fashion economy has emerged as a way to transition to a more sustainable and less wasteful fashion industry.  
What is a Circular Fashion Economy?
The fashion industry as we know it today follows a linear model where clothing is produced, consumed and discarded in a take, make, waste process.
The circular fashion economy aims to close the loop, favoring as much reusing and recycling as possible with sustainable and ethical fashion.  
What Can Consumers Do To Support Circular Fashion?
As a conscious consumer who cares for the planet, buying secondhand is by far the most sustainable choice you can make - and there are plenty of benefits.

The Benefits of Secondhand Shopping 

1. Reduces your environmental impact
Buying secondhand clothing helps lower the overall demand for new clothing which saves resources and results in less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
2. Doesn't promote exploitative work conditions
Fast fashion is often manufactured in impoverished regions with poor working conditions and extremely low wages. Buying second hand reduces exploitation by supporting responsible and eco-conscious brands.
3. Saves you hundreds of dollars 
Who doesn’t love a bargain? Online thrifting allows you to get quality clothing from top-notch brands at a fraction of the price of new items.  
4. Higher quality pieces 
Unlike mass-produced items made today, preloved vintage pieces were made with superior fabrics and had a greater level of craftsmanship. Their quality will ensure that you enjoy wearing them for many years to come. 
5. Elevates your style
Vintage clothing lets you have a truly fun and unique closet with one-of-a-kind pieces. You’ll look effortlessly chic and never have to worry about showing up wearing the same outfit as someone else!
Save the Planet, Shop Secondhand
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