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Happy 2 Years! A note from Nichole

2 years
2 stores
16,000+ items saved from the landfill
Countless memories and friends made 
It’s crazy how much can happen in two years. A little more than 2 years ago I was somehow able to convince my then boyfriend to take a crazy huge risk with me and invest most of our money into opening something we had no business opening. We had no experience with running a retail business but we had an idea and a feeling and we ran with it. Trusting your gut can be scary but when you know, you know.

Photo from opening day, April 1, 2022

I am so beyond grateful for the love and support we have received since opening our doors 2 years ago. Every compliment, like, comment, share, purchase, recommendation, etc, has helped us to grow into what we are today. Supporting small businesses keeps dreams alive and you continue to help make my dreams come true every single day.
As for the future, we hope for continued change, growth and cute vintage clothes, of course!
With love,
Watch shop tour from opening day, April 1, 2022

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