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4 Ways to Make Holiday Gifting Less Wasteful

One of the coolest things about buying secondhand and vintage clothing is the fact that you are giving life to someone’s previously discarded items. That means you’re creating less waste yourself while also getting unique quality clothing.
We have mixed feelings about the holidays because of how much waste it produces. We’re guessing you may feel the same way since you’re reading this blog. Did you know that 25% more waste is thrown away during the holidays in the US?* That equals 25 million tons of garbage. That number is so large it's kind of hard to put into context! Here’s some ideas for how you can cut back and make holiday gifting less wasteful this year.

Make a Gift List

Share a list of things you actually want with people who insist on buying you presents. It takes the surprise out of gifting but it cuts back on the need to return a gift that you aren't into.

Use Recycled and Reusable Materials to Wrap Presents

Eliminate single use items from your wrapping. Instead use recycled materials or non-traditional wrapping papers in order to eliminate single use paper.
⚡  Wrapping paper alternatives:
⚡  Old newspaper
 Reusable cloth gift wraps or thrift fabric to make your own!
Save any old wrapping materials to re-use (bags, tissue paper, bows, packing material, boxes, etc.)

Shop Secondhand for Gifts

The best way to gift is to give something that already exists and can be given a second life!
The best places to look are local antique vintage and consignment stores or online. We love Ebay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, The Real Real, Thred Up and Thrift Books.

Skip Material Gifting All Together

Give the gift of quality time and share an experience with your loved ones
 Airbnb Experiences and Groupon have so many amazing activities.
Give back and make a donation in your loved ones name to a cause that they believe in and support. This is a great gifting alternative for the person who has everything and needs nothing. This may not be the most "sexy" gift- but it feels good doing good and giving back to those in need.

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Happy Holidays!

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