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2024 Trends to Shop Secondhand

With the new year, sometimes it can feel like the perfect time to become a new person through resolutions, hobbies, and even your fashion. Trends can be exciting to follow to bring new life to your closet, but it is also not sustainable to shop directly for trends that may go out of style the next year. Instead of falling down the fast fashion rabbit hole for trends, you can source directly from your closet or shop second hand and vintage to incorporate these trends into your 2024 fashion style and beyond.

Cheetah girls, Leopard sisters

Like said, last year was the year of red. We saw full red monochromatic looks and also pops of red through single pieces and accessories. This year is predicted to be the year of the cheetah and leopard print. Some people may hear cheetah print and feel like it’s too much to take on, but there are also ways to incorporate the print in more subtle ways through socks, purses, and layering. Alternatively, if you want to go big, opt for statement outerwear. 

Eclectic Grandpa

We’ve had coastal grandma, now we meet the eclectic grandpa. The eclectic grandpa has retro aesthetics incorporating wider fit clothing and pops of color. The eclectic grandpa can grab pieces from both the women’s and men’s racks and plays with different textures like denim, corduroy, and canvas. Cardigans are not required, but very encouraged. 

Jazzy with it 

Jon Batiste brought Jazz back with last year’s documentary, American Symphony, and we will keep seeing jazzy flares this year in fashion. Look out for velvets and dark maroons, blues, and greens for this trend. Take inspiration from New Orleans, Paris, and New York City and head to your nearest Jazz club to really feel the trend.

Full & Fluffy

2023 was overwhelmed with the slick back bun and fitted looks, we even heard at one point skinny jeans were back (ah!). 2024 will see the total opposite with fullness and fluffiness. From hair and makeup to outfits and accessories, we will see a bigger is better attitude. Interesting shapes of clothing [link to Reagan’s tiktok (yet to film)] will be essential to styling a 2024 trended outfit, and bonus points for a full hair look. 

Totally Metal

Taylor Swift ended 2023 with her Time Magazine article calling her boyfriend “metal as hell”. We will be bringing in that energy into 2024 with metallic pops in our outfits, makeup, and even hair accessories. Silver tones, aluminum, and chrome pieces will elevate any outfit for 2024. If you gravitate more towards gold and warmer tones, this trend is also for you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals. 

Sustainable! Sustainable! Sustainable!

Saving the best for last is sustainable shopping and dressing. Obviously, we think sustainable shopping and dressing should be the hottest trend for every year. Shopping second hand and vintage will continue to grow into 2024, but also giving new life to already owned pieces will become a must. Make an old shirt feel new with patches, brooches, and even embroidery if you’re feeling crafty. 
Information sourced from Pinterest’s Pinterests Predicts

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